Menlo Park Neighbors for Affordable Housing launch ballot initiative

Menlo Balance's initiative would revoke the city council’s ability to change the zoning of single-family lots. Instead it would require a popular vote in a general election to build multifamily housing on any property currently zoned as a single-family lot. Some critics fear that this would halt future developments for high-density housing in large swaths of the city.

A group of Menlo Park residents celebrated the kick-off of the Menlo Park Neighbors for Affordable Homes campaign on Sunday, July 31. The group formed to oppose the Menlo Balance initiative, claiming that if it passes in November, it would do damage to equitable housing in Menlo Park.

The community group, which goes by the acronym MPNAH, seeks to promote the creation of affordable housing throughout Menlo Park. On the to-do list: oppose another resident-led grassroots organization, Menlo Balance. Full Story


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